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Can Girls enter your club?


*   Yes! We allow anyone 21 or older to come in. Just make sure to bring Legal Identification with you!


Is there a Cover Charge?


*   We are a private club, however we do not have a cover charge or a minimum drink requirement.

How does a Brothel work?


*   It's pretty simple. You can come in and have a drink, Take a tour, buy a lady a drink, mingle with the ladies, or even watch them dance on stage!


Whats a tour? Is that where sex happens?


*   Not quite. All of our ladies are independent contractors. This means that they set their own prices and work with whom they choose to work with. A tour is when they show you the Hot tub room and their personal room. When you are in their private room you can talk about the pricing for a girl, her do’s and don’ts, etc. and decide if you want to party with her.


Whats a party?


*   Party is slang for spending some private time with one of the ladies. A party can be sex, a massage, or whatever else you agree to do our lovely ladies.


What if I want to party  with my significant other?


*   We do have ladies available to tour with you and your friend or significant other, Feel free to ask during your tour!


What if I decide I want to take a tour with another girl? What If I want to tour with two girls?


*   Both are perfectly fine to do! Many of our girls love working together, and they won’t get jealous if you take a tour with another girl instead.


What are do’s and don’ts?


*   That basically means what a girl is willing to do and what she isn’t willing to do. All ladies must use protection for Orifice to Orifice contact as it is a State Law (No Bare-Backing, Boys)


The ladies dance?


*   Yes, many do! There is no ‘House Charge’ for dancing, the girls are free to dance as they please, and they keep all the tips they get while dancing!


What about the Hot tub room, what’s that all about?


*   Our Hot tub is an option you can ask the ladies about for your personal party experience. It comfortably seats four (perfect for couples or if you want to party with more than one girl), and all Hot tub parties come with a free drink on the house.


What if a girl is dancing and I want to take a tour with her?


*   Inform the bartender and they will let the girl know after her dancing set. Girls dance in sets of three songs, so you won’t be waiting too long.


 So, the girl I was parting with blew my mind. Is it ok to tip her if she isn’t dancing?


*   That’s perfectly acceptable. The Rose doesn’t take a cut from the girls tips for dancing, so if you wanna show a little extra appreciation, feel free to.


I’m only gonna be in elko for a little bit, can I arrange something with the ladies in my hotel room?


*   Unfortunately that is not an option. All legal prostitution must happen within a legal brothel per state law. If you are running on a tight schedule though, Feel free to call ahead and book an appointment with one of the ladies so they will be ready and waiting just for you.


I have an amazing sex drive, and getting paid to take care of it sounds like it's perfect for me! How do I apply?


*   Simply go to our job opportunities  section and fill out the pre employment sheet. Someone will be in touch with you to talk about arranging work at the Rose and how to apply for a prostitution license.


This is definitely something I wanna do, but I don’t live nearby. Any chance I can get help to get to Elko?


*   Unfortunately, no. state law prohibits a brothel from transporting anyone who will be working in the sex industry across state borders. It was put in place to help ensure no one could be taken from another state or country and forced into sex work. Essentially if you wanna work here, you have to find a way to get here. That having been said, if you can get to elko, we can help you with getting your medical exams and your license.


Wait, What medical exams?


*   Anyone working in a Legal brothel must be tested for STDs weekly, and take a once a month blood test to be legal to work. This is to help avoid the spread of any diseases, and it (along with barriers for orifice to orifice contact) is why legal working girls are actually some of the safest and cleanest people in the world.


My question isn’t listed here. What do I do?


*   If you have any other questions feel free to email us at and ask!



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